TEU 2018 Marching Band Tournament Schedule

Aliso Niguel HS Field Show 9/28/2018

This is our 1st show of the season!

Aliso Niguel HS is hosting this field show adjudicated by the SCSBOA (Southern CA School Band & Orchestra Associates).

Call Time is 2:30 PM

Return Time is 10:30 PM (approx)

Results: Tesoro HS 4A Division - 1st Place

Tesoro HS - 2nd Place Overall

Tesoro HS 13th Annual Field Show 10/06/2018

Tesoro HS hosts bands from the greater Southern CA region in this SCSBOA adjudicated field show. 

Participating Bands:

Chaparral HS, AZ 1A

Portola HS, 3A

Aliso Niguel HS, 3A

John North HS, 4A

Irvine HS, 5A

Tesoro HS, Host

Show 7 pm / Awards 9 pm

Capistrano Valley HS Field Show 10/20/2018

3rd Show of the season nearby at Capo Valley HS adjudicated by 

CSBC (California State Band Championships).

We are listed under 5A Division and will be competing against two other 5A Division high schools.  This is a large competion with 19 schools competing. A great show to watch the marching arts featuring many bands.

 Results: Tesoro HS 5A Division - 1st Place 

Irvine High School Field Show 10/27/2018

4th field show of the season. Irvine HS is hosting their 25th annual field show tournament which is adjudicated by SCSBOA. Tesoro HS  attends this Field Show Tournament each year.  

Results: Tesoro HS 4A Division - 1st Place

Mira Mesa HS Field Show 11/03/2018

The 5th and final show of the TEU 2018 season. Mira Mesa hosts a large field show annually.

To cap off an amazing season, the 2018 TEU finds a spot on campus immediately after their stadium performance to then perform the entire show for the graduating seniors. 

An amazing tradition and send off for the Senior class. 

This is a show you will not want to miss!

 Results: Tesoro HS 4A Division - 1st Place 

Disneyland Parade 11/30/18 Laguna Niguel Holiday Parade 12/08/2018

Disneyland has invited the TEU to march in their holiday parade season. This is a fun annual tradition and the students get to enjoy Disneyland as well!

The TEU performs annually at the city of Laguna Niguel's annual holiday parade. 

The parade route runs down Crown Valley Parkway. Bring the family, sit curbside and enjoy the community showcase of holiday spirit.

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