Tesoro HS Jazz Ensemble

Award winning Jazz performers!

Jazz opens up an entirely new dimension for students in the Tesoro High School Instrumental Music Department. It gives students an opportunity to both experience and experiment with new styles of music. A broad range of jazz styles is explored and we also explore some of the historic periods of Jazz History and its artists and influences.

The Tesoro Jazz Ensemble has been recognized as one of the top high school ensembles in the area with numerous awards earned at local and regional jazz festivals over the past several years. The band plays an assortment of swing, funk, pop and ballad style selections that span the past eight decades of jazz and popular music. Members are encouraged to improvise.

Members of the Jazz Ensembles perform with the following instrumentation:

Alto, Tenor & Baritone Saxes
Trombones, Trumpets
Piano, Guitar, Bass
Drum Set
Vibraphone / Percussion

The Jazz Ensemble will travel during the spring to local jazz festivals for the opportunity to compete with other schools of similar ability. Outside of competitions, the group may also perform at local community events or school concerts as they become available. 


The Tesoro HS Jazz Ensemble is a second semester class and admission is by Audition Only. 

Most jazz ensemble players also participate in the Titan Regiment Marching Band

Annual Jazz Ensemble Dinner & Concert Event!

Each May, the Jazz Ensemble students puts on a showcase Dinner & Concert performance.    The band will play an assortment of swing, funk, pop and ballad style selections surrounding a general theme that span the past eight decades of jazz and popular music. This amazing event features a catered dinner and also a large Silent Auction for attendees to bid on throughout the evening with winners announced at the conclusion of the concert.  This event sells out each year!

100% of all proceeds from this annual event go to support the Tesoro Music Department.  Check out the Poster Artwork below!

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The Jazz Ensemble class (averaging about 24 students) meets during Zero period on Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri each week during the Spring Semester.

Audition information and materials are made available in October for a mid-November audition. Members of the Jazz Ensemble sax and brass sections must also be enrolled in Concert Band or Wind Ensemble.  

Click the link below to view the Main Tesoro HS Music Calendar for all upcoming performance date/times. 

Jazz Ensemble Awards & Performances


2017 Irvine High School Jazz Festival

The Tesoro High School Jazz Ensemble performs at the 2017 Irvine High School jazz festival, winning 1st place in the advanced division!

Check out their performance on YouTube!

2015 - Grammy winning Tesoro Jazz Performs

Fresh off being chosen as a top Grammy School in the nation, the Tesoro Jazz Ensemble performs Count Bubba for fans.

Check out their performance on YouTube!

2014 - Runaway Baby performance

The Jazz Ensemble plays the popular Bruno Mars tune. Watch on YouTube!

2013 - Irvine HS Jazz Festival

Another amazing performance at the Irvine Jazz Festival. Watch on YouTube!