Fundraising for Tesoro Music


2019 Goodwill Fundraising Event - SUNDAY, March 24th 2019!

The Tesoro Music Boosters is again hosting a Goodwill Fundraising event to support and earn $$ for the program. 

Please start cleaning out your garages, closets and car trunks and save up for donation to our Goodwill drive! We thank you so much for all that you can donate for this program! 

Additionally, the directors have secured a classroom at school to store donations in advance of Sunday, March 24th, 2019. This will allow for families to donate the entire week prior to the event so that we can get the largest amount of donations ever! 

Here are the details: 

Date: Sunday, March 24th, 2019

Location: Senior Parking Lot at Tesoro High School

Pre-donation: During After-school pickup in front of the gym, Music Students will be on hand to grab Goodwill donation bags from cars for storage in our secure classroom site. 

Sign ups for this community service will begin soon!

Click here to view the flyer.

Click here to see what items Goodwill accepts.

2018 Goodwill & Shred Fundraiser Report

In May 2018, the Music Boosters hosted the Goodwill & Shred Event Fundraiser in the Tesoro High School Senior parking lot. It was a huge success!! We made over $3,000!!! 

Thank you to all families and neighbors that donated items and/or donated dollars for shredding documents. We will run the same event next year in 2019! So save your give-away items and drop them off at Tesoro for our "Goodwill" day. The more we donate, the larger the profit for our music program! In May, we filled TWO semi-trucks! Let's do that again! Do your spring cleaning, and help Tesoro Music at the same time! Click here to review a list to ensure you bring things we can accept. 

Snap Raise Campaign for Tesoro Music Program


Spring 2019 Snap Raise Campaign - February 25th thru March 25th

The Music Directors, students and our Snap Raise representative formally kicked off the Spring 2019 Snap Raise Campaign benefiting the Tesoro HS Music Program on Monday, February 25th, 2019.

Music students were encouraged to provide 20 email addresses and/or text numbers in order to spread the word about our fundraiser to families, friends, co-workers, and others that may want to donate and support this wonderful music program. 

It is vital that we encourage as many TEU & Music program students to participate and send emails as possible. This fundraiser is driven BY the students FOR the students. 

If we reach 70% student participation we get to keep the most $$$ raised. This is sooo critical for this wonderful program.

Additionally, it is important to point out that the Tesoro Music Program is funded entirely by the Tesoro Music Boosters organization which is made up of parents and family of our program students. This district provides for the director's salaries and the facilities. That's it! Nothing else!  EVERYTHING else must be sourced and paid for by the Tesoro Music Boosters. Sheet music? Instrument Coaches? Festival Fees? Large instruments like Tuba's, Bass, Cello's, audio equipment, marching band uniforms, cleaning, supplies, music stands, is all purchased and paid for by the Tesoro Music Booster organization. 

Thank you for considering and helping this program!

The first Snap Raise Campaign we launched back in the Fall of 2017 was very successful and allowed the music directors to purchase a number of much needed items. See below for a detailed report.

Fall 2017 Snap Raise Campaign Results!

In the Fall of 2017, Tesoro Music Boosters held our first Snap Raise Fundraiser!  We earned over $26,000 which will be used to purchase several new instruments, a Guard Floor and some much needed audio equipment.   Thank you so very much to everyone who contributed! We are soooo grateful!

Here is a list of the items purchased to date with the Snap Raise Fall 2017 Campaign:

  • New Winter Guard Dance Floor       -- $2,339
  • 2 Baritone Horns                            -- $3,600
  • Behringer 32 Channel Mixer            -- $2,000
  • EV 18" Subwoofers (pair)                -- $1,598
  • Megavox Portable PA w/Bluetooth Mic  -- $1,253
  • 2 Cellos                                         -- $1,100
  • Behringer 16 channel Digital Snake  -- $700
  • Mixing Board Cart                          -- $500
  • Tenor Saxophone                            -- $400
  • Alto Saxophone                              -- $400
  • Drum Set repairs & replace heads    -- $350
  • Instrument Repairs                         -- $800
  • Tenor Saxophone case                     -- $85
  • Symphony Festival Fees                   -- $450
  • Jazz Festival application fees           -- $300
  • 20 Uniform Purchase downpayment  -- $5,000

The directors have a growing list of instruments that need to be repaired and/or replaced and will be using Snap Raise account monies for this purpose. 

Tesoro Music Boosters Fundraisers 2018 - 2019 Year


Feast For Funds

Our Ways & Means Chair has lined up a terrific restaurant each month that is supporting the Tesoro Music Program by donating a portion of sales.  

Click on the date/restaurant below to view/print the flyer to take with you to each restaurant. 

Or show the flyer on your mobile phone. Thank you for your support!


Shop Amazon Smile!

Tesoro Music Boosters can earn funds while you shop, and it doesn't cost you anything! Just go to ""  and you'll immediately be prompted to select your organization to support - "Tesoro High School Music Boosters." 

Then every time you go to (instead of just, .5% of all of your purchases goes to TMB.  It adds up for us very quickly, so please participate in this easy fundraiser to support our music program. 

Tesoro Music Boosters receives a monthly check from Amazon!


Communities for Cause

Download the "Communities for a Cause" app

and check out the participating restaurants and businesses. 

Our Tesoro Music Boosters earn money every time you purchase at a participating vendor and submit a photo of your receipt through the app. 

It is easy to do and is Easy money for the boosters!