Band Camp Information Guide


What is Band Camp?

Tesoro band camp is up to 9 days of music, fun and marching rehearsals to prepare the award-winning TESORO TITAN REGIMENT for their performances at football games and competitive Field Show events during the Fall Semester. The band will begin learning music for our football games and competition field show. Students will also begin learning marching techniques and drill formations during camp so attendance is extremely important.  What is the Tesoro Titan Regiment? It is comprised of Marching Band, Drumline, Front Ensemble (Pit) and Color Guard. All of these individual groups perform a single show together! 

Summer practices are crucial to prepare the extensive show that makes the TESORO TITAN REGIMENT the amazing team and winning band that it is!

Who has to attend Band Camp?

ALL incoming 9th graders, New and Returning students who plan to perform with Tesoro’s Marching Band and Color Guard are expected to attend. Positions in our field show drill formations are assigned during camp so it’s important that EVERYONE attends. Plus, it is loads of fun!

Who teaches Band Camp?

Mr. Magana and Ms. Choi are Tesoro High School’s Instrumental Music directors/teachers. Together they instruct and manage the Tesoro Titan Regiment. We also have additional coaches/instructors carefully selected by the Directors for their skill and knowledge who specialize in percussion, color guard skills and equipment work, and provide detailed marching and visual presentation coaching, and additionally work with each band section to improve music technique. 

Does it cost to attend Band Camp?

Like all extra-curricular teams and activities on campus, we ask for a contribution from all of our participants to cover the expenses of the entire Tesoro HS Titan Regiment Marching Band season, which includes the expenses to operate our Band Camp. All funding for the Titan Regiment is provided by the generous donations of participating members collected by the Tesoro Music Boosters. 

The school district does not provide ANY FUNDS for our Titan Regiment activities/performances.

We rely SOLELY on "Fair Share Contributions" to operate this STELLAR program. Your student gains so much by participating as a Titan Regiment Member, and to be a successful and award-winning Marching Band, we need funds to providing coaching, music, transportation, uniforms, and more!

Emails will be sent out that share how parents can make their Fair Share Donation. Additionally, at Parent Preview Night, Boosters makes it easy to make your donation (Online via credit card or pay by check).

What if I plan to join the Titan Regiment (Marching Band) but cannot attend band camp?

Students unable to attend a portion or all of band camp may still join the band when the school year begins, but will have to work quickly to catch up with all they missed in camp. Students who cannot attend all or a portion of our Band Camp rehearsals should notify the directors by email prior to July 30th. (Mr. Magana - )

If I am enrolling in only concert band, shall I attend Band Camp?

Absolutely! We would like you to come to the New Member Orientation and perhaps at least the first day of Band Camp to experience the Marching Band activity before you make your final decision to only play in the Concert Band or Wind Ensemble. 

Don’t forget that Marching Band class earns P.E. credit! Students enrolled in Marching Band do not sign up for P.E. in the Fall. Joining the TITAN REGIMENT is SOOO much better than P.E.!! Start building that college resume with Marching Band participation!


What do I bring to the New Member PRE-Camp Orientation?

Incoming 9th grade AND NEW upperclass members will meet on:

  • TUESDAY, August 6th from 9 AM to 12 PM. 

Please bring your instrument and comfortable clothes and athletic type shoes. It is also very important that you bring plenty of water with you each day of camp to stay hydrated. Write your name on a large jug or bottle of water and keep it with you all day during camp. A hat and sunblock are recommended too. 

What do I bring to Band Camp?

  • Wear comfortable clothing (shorts or comfortable pants, lightweight shirt, hat or cap, athletic-type shoes. No sandals or flip flops.)
  • Bring your instrument. Make sure it is in good playing condition prior to camp. Large low brass, all percussion and a limited number of other school-owned instruments are available to borrow.
  • Bring plenty of reeds, valve oil, slide grease and whatever else you need to keep your instrument in top playing condition.
  • Band Camp Dinners will be provided each day of Camp and served by Tesoro Music Boosters for a nominal fee. Complete the online Band Camp Dinners Pre-Order Form (helps us determine quantities) and visit our Boosters Square site to purchase. If you do not wish to purchase the dinner package, you will need to bring your own dinner. Students may NOT leave campus during our dinner break. Over 99% of band camp participants order the Band Camp Dinner package.
  • Bring a BIG bottle or jug of water and mark your name on it.
  • And don't forget your liability/medical form on the first day of camp! (Forms can be downloaded from the band camp page)

What about uniforms?

  • Students will be measured and assigned a uniform, shako (hat) and black gloves/guantlets during Band Camp.
  • Dinkles are shiny black marching shoes. You may order your own pair through us the first week of camp for $35, (available on the Boosters Square Site) or we do have a limited supply of used Dinkles you may use throughout the season. If you have Dinkles that fit from last season, go ahead and use them again.

What is Parent Preview Night?

On Thursday, August 15th from 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm, the Directors & Music Boosters will host a mandatory meeting for all New and Returning member’s parents. The meeting is followed by a performance of the Titan Regiment's opening production number of the 2019 competition field show titled "Comic Book Capers"